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About Thinga.Me

Thinga.Me is a Microsoft Garage project, created by a group of researchers, software engineers and designers at Microsoft Research Cambridge who are interested in how people interact with technology.

Thinga.Me has been developed to help us understand how people may like to digitize and share their personal collections of possessions.

The app uses image segmentation technology developed at Microsoft Research to extract objects from their background in photos. These objects can then be arranged in to a collection using a using different themes and layouts.

How we think people might use Thinga.Me

We are really excited to see how people will use the Thinga.Me app, and feel that giving users the ability to digitize their physical posessions and share in beautiful and interesting ways has lots of potential. Some uses of the app that we imagine are:
  • Serious collectors sharing their items online with others who share the same passion as them.
  • Parents, who want to scan in and segment their kid’s artwork, to both archive it and share it with friends and family.
  • People who want to archive physical items in their basement, and want to keep a digital record of it.

The Human Experience and Design Team at Microsoft Research Cambridge

We develop insights, ideas and artefacts that lead to compelling new experiences for digital living. To find out more about the Human Experience and Design Team and their projects visit:

Media Enquiries

We welcome members of the press to contact us about this research project:
Microsoft Media Hotline Phone: 0845 602 562 Email:

Best regards,

The Thinga.Me Team

A picture of the Thinga.Me team standing on a book shelf.

Shutdown Notice

We are very sorry to announce that we've decided to discontinue development of Thinga.Me, and from June 30th 2017 the app will stop working, and you'll no longer have access to your collections.

Thanks to all of you who have spent time cutting out items, and creating and sharing your cool collections. We really appreciate your time and effort during this experiment.

If you are very attached to your Thinga.Me collections, and want to hear what options there might be for preserving them, please email us at

Team Thinga.Me