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Getting Started

Thinga.Me offers the best and most compelling way of digitally capturing the physical things that matter in your life. Archive your kids artwork, show off your cool set of collectibles, keep track of the stuff in your basement. The choice is yours.
Thinga.Me is designed and built by the Human Experience & Design team in Microsoft's Cambridge Research lab and is currently in a closed trial. Please sign up to give Thinga.Me a go!

Important Tips

The MOST IMPORTANT THING to remember when using Thinga.Me is that the better the photo you take of your item, the better results you’ll get in cutting it out. Here are three major things to consider when taking a shot:

The background

Try and get a background that is clean, and which contrasts well with the item you are trying to take a photo of. The better the item stands out, the better the results.
A toy cat on a contrasting background

The light

Try and get decent light, that isn’t too dark or too harsh. Daylight is great, so try taking shots near a window.

The frame

Thinga.Me works best when your item fills the frame of the photo, so get as close as you can, or zoom in.
A toy cat being captured by a phone camera

Start by swiping

If there are bits you still need to get rid of after the automatic cut then just swipe them with a finger and they should disappear. Zoom and pan with two fingers if you need to get in close.

Paint the edges

If you need a more manual way to cut out your item, switch to Painting Mode, where you can add or remove the area you want to keep just by painting with a finger.

Making your first collection

Once you have captured and cut out a few items you can add them to a collection. Click on the Collections button at the bottom of the app, then click Add Collection. In the New Collection screen you can name the collection, and you can also set up lots of theme properties, like the layout of the items and the look. Have a play with these to get the effect you want. More themes will be coming in the future!


Share your collections with family and friends, or with other people who love the same stuff that you do. Clicking the share button from inside a collection will generate a web page URL which you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Email - wherever you like, and this will bring them to your collection on!

Shutdown Notice

We are very sorry to announce that we've decided to discontinue development of Thinga.Me, and from June 30th 2017 the app will stop working, and you'll no longer have access to your collections.

Thanks to all of you who have spent time cutting out items, and creating and sharing your cool collections. We really appreciate your time and effort during this experiment.

If you are very attached to your Thinga.Me collections, and want to hear what options there might be for preserving them, please email us at

Team Thinga.Me